Ortholinear keyboards

Programmable and Compact

There are a plethora of keyboards to choose from and below are our recommendations on getting started. It can be a fun DIY project to assemble your own ortho keyboard, add your own switches, and program your own keymappings.

OLKB Planck & Preonic

The ortholinear keyboards from OLKB are the most popular offerings today. Both are highly customizable and the Planck and Preonic frequently updated.

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Planck & Preonic Keyboards Ortholinear

Work Louder: Creator Board

Work Louder is a company building keyboards with innovative like their creator Board is an innovative modular design keyboard with features designed to make things easier for creatives. This is a customizable keyboard (customizable in terms of keys, orientation, modules, and size), which means you can create a personally tailored setup to fit your needs.

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Work Louder Keyboard

Idobo ID75

The ID75 is a 75 key keyboard, larger than most standard ortholinear keyboards. A common layout has the alphas split on the sides with extra function keys in the middle. This is a great alternative if you want extra programmable keys opposed to the 48 keys on the OLKB Planck and 60 keys on the OLKB Preonic.

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ID75 Keyboard Ortho Orthlinear


You can usually spot a split keyboard if it has two seperate PCBs connected by a cable. Split keyboards literally half the keyboard better ergonomics and touch typing. The Ergodox keyboard is an example of a popular split keyboard.

Split Keyboards


The NIU40 is a programmable 40% ortholinear keyboard from KBDFans. There are options for different colored aluminium or acrylic bases.

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