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Programmable and Compact

Ortholinear keyboards are computer keyboards with their keys arranged in a grid layout. It can be a fun DIY project to assemble your own keyboard, add your own switches, and program your own keymappings.



With the smaller form factor on ortholinear keyboards, your fingers aren't more than two keys away from what is considered home row on most key keyboards. They are a favorite for those who want to carry their keyboard on the go.

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QMK FirmwarePlanck Keymap


Most ortholinear keyboards available allow you to fully customize your key mappings and can even play music if your keyboard has speakers! Most utilize VIA and open-source QMK firmware making easier than ever to setup your keyboard the way you like.

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Ortholinear Keyboards

Not only are ortholinear keyboards useful, they're pretty freaking cool

There are a plethora of keyboards to choose from and below are our recommendations on getting started. It can be a fun DIY project to assemble your own ortho keyboard, add your own switches, and program your own keymappings.

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OLKB Plank & Preonic

OLKB Planck & Preonic

OLKB is the producer of the highly popular Planck & Preonic Ortholinear keyboards. The owner, Jack Humbert, is also the founder of QMK. These keyboards are sold on the OLKB website and frequently on

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Idobo ID75

Idobo ID75

The Idobo ID75 is a 75 key keyboard, larger than most standard ortholinear keyboards. A common layout has the alphas split on the sides with extra function keys in the middle. This is a great alternative if you want extra programmable keys opposed to the 48 keys on the OLKB Planck and 60 keys on the OLKB Preonic.

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Split Keyboards

Moonlander Ergodox

You can usually spot a split keyboard if it has two seperate PCBs connected by a cable. Split keyboards literally half the keyboard to better the ergonomics and encourage better touch typing. The ones mentioned here are only a few.

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Work Louder: Creator Board

Work Louder Creator Board

The Creator Board is an innovative modular design keyboard that can be configured to suit individual preferences. This is a customizable keyboard (customizable in terms of keys, orientation, modules, and size), which means you can create a personally tailored setup to fit your needs.

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