Akko's Latest Switch Lineup: A Budget Keyboard Switch Enthusiast's Dream

In the world of mechanical keyboards, finding the perfect switch can feel like embarking on a quest. Each keystroke should feel just right, offering the ideal blend of tactile feedback, smoothness, and sound. For enthusiasts and gamers alike, Akko has long been a name synonymous with quality and affordability. Now, they've upped their game with their latest lineup of switches, promising innovation, value, and a diverse range of options to suit every typing style. Let's delve into what makes these switches stand out from the crowd.

Shared Characteristics

One of the first things to note about Akko's newest switches is their factory lube. Unlike many switches on the market, which may require additional lubrication for optimal performance, Akko's switches come perfectly lubed straight from the factory. This not only saves enthusiasts time and effort but also ensures consistent performance out of the box.

Sound Signature

If you're a fan of the classic "clack" sound, Akko switches won't disappoint. They tend to lean towards the louder and brighter end of the spectrum, offering a satisfying auditory experience with every keystroke.

Pricing and Packaging

Perhaps the most enticing aspect of Akko's switches is their affordability. With prices ranging from 20 to 33 cents per switch, they offer exceptional value for money.

Cream Yellow, Blue, and Black

Akko's Cream lineup features switches with a polycarbonate top, nylon bottom, and a shortened 3.3mm travel distance. While all three variants offer smooth operation and a bright, clacky sound, the Cream Yellows stand out as the loudest of the bunch. With prices starting at $2.00 per 10, they're a budget-friendly option for enthusiasts.

Cream Yellow

Starting with Cream Yellow, enthusiasts are treated to a linear switch characterized by a smooth, consistent keystroke. With a bottom-out weight lighter than half of the switches in the market, they offer a responsive typing experience without unnecessary resistance. Priced attractively at $2.00 per 10, Cream Yellows are the go-to choice for those seeking a budget-friendly option without compromising on quality.

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Cream Blue

Moving on to Cream Blue, we encounter a tactile switch designed to provide a satisfying bump with each keystroke. Despite being lighter than 75% of switches out there, Cream Blues maintain a tactile feel that enhances the typing experience. Ideal for typists who prefer a tactile response without excessive force, these switches offer a perfect balance of performance and affordability at $2.00 per 10.

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Cream Black

Finally, we come to Cream Black, another linear switch with a heavier bottom-out weight compared to its counterparts. With a weightier feel, Cream Blacks cater to users who prefer a more substantial typing experience, offering stability and precision with every keypress. Priced slightly higher at $2.70 per 10, they remain a cost-effective option for enthusiasts seeking a reliable linear switch.

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Piano Pro

For those seeking a deeper sound signature, the Piano switches are an excellent choice. Crafted with a nylon top and bottom, these switches absorb more sound, resulting in a lower-pitched typing experience. Their 55g bottom-out weight strikes a balance between lightness and stability, making them ideal for users who appreciate a medium-light typing feel during extended typing sessions. Priced at $3.10 per 10, they offer a medium-light typing feel ideal for extended typing sessions.

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Matcha Green and Lavender Purple

The Matcha Green and Lavender Purple switches boast a traditional 3.8mm travel distance and slightly louder, higher-pitched sound compared to the Cream lineup. With prices set at $2.20 per 10, they offer a balance of performance and affordability suitable for a wide range of users.

Matcha Green

With a 3.8mm travel distance and a bottom-out weight of 63g, the Matcha Green switches deliver a substantial typing experience suitable for various applications. Whether you're typing documents or engaging in intense gaming sessions, these switches offer responsiveness and precision. Despite their heavier weight, the Matcha Green switches maintain smooth operation, thanks to Akko's meticulous factory lubing process. Priced affordably at $2.20 per 10, they provide exceptional performance and value, making them an appealing choice for enthusiasts seeking both reliability and a touch of color in their keyboard setup.

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Lavender Purple

Unlike linear switches, the Lavender Purple switches feature a tactile bump that provides users with a distinct tactile feedback, enhancing the typing experience. With a 3.8mm travel distance and a bottom-out weight of 55g, these switches offer a light yet satisfying typing feel, suitable for various typing preferences. Priced competitively at $2.20 per 10, the Lavender Purple switches provide excellent performance and value, making them an attractive option for users seeking both tactile precision and aesthetic elegance in their mechanical keyboards.

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Silver Pro

Geared towards gamers, the Silver Pro switches feature a super lightweight design and shortened 3.30mm travel, making them ideal for rapid keystrokes during intense gaming sessions. Priced competitively at $2.70 per 10, they offer exceptional performance without breaking the bank. With a bottom-out weight lighter than 97% of switches in the market and a shortened travel of 3.30mm, the Akko V3 Silver Pro switches offer gamers a lightning-fast and ultra-responsive typing experience. Their low-pitched sound profile further enhances the gaming immersion, making them a top choice for those seeking optimal performance during intense gaming sessions.

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Crystal Pro

The Crystal Pro switches stand out with their unique construction entirely crafted from polycarbonate, resulting in a chirpy, high-pitched sound signature. With a 60g bottom-out weight, they offer a satisfying typing experience priced at $3.30 per 10.

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Penguin and Fairy

Akko's first foray into silent switches, the Penguin and Fairy switches offer a delicate tactility and pillow-like feel, respectively. Priced at $3.10 per 10, they cater to users seeking a quieter typing experience without sacrificing performance.


These tactiles boast a delicate tactility that provides just a hint of feedback, making for a soothing typing experience ideal for quiet environments or late-night work sessions. With a bottom-out weight tailored for comfort and precision, the Penguin switches offer a pillowy feel that delights users seeking a soft and subdued typing experience. Priced at $3.10 per 10, they present an affordable option for users who prioritize a silent yet satisfying typing experience without sacrificing quality.

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As linear switches, the Fairies provide users with a smooth keystroke devoid of any tactile feedback, ensuring a tranquil typing environment suitable for any setting. With their super pillowy feel, these switches deliver a level of comfort unparalleled in the world of mechanical keyboards, making them an excellent choice for users who prioritize a whisper-quiet and effortlessly smooth typing experience. Priced affordably at $3.10 per 10, the Fairy switches offer exceptional value for users seeking a silent switch option without compromising on quality or comfort.

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Ranking and Personal Favorites

In a comprehensive ranking, the switches are evaluated based on various criteria, from sound signature to pricing. Personal favorites include the Silvers for gaming, Penguins for their unique tactility, and Lavender Purples for their blend of traditional and modern features.


Akko's latest switch lineup represents a compelling blend of innovation, affordability, and performance. Whether you're a gamer seeking rapid responsiveness or a typist craving a satisfying tactile experience, there's a switch for you in Akko's arsenal. With their commitment to quality and value, Akko continues to solidify its position as the king of budget switches.

As you embark on your quest for the perfect typing experience, consider Akko's latest offerings and elevate your keyboard to new heights of performance and satisfaction.