OLKB Plank & Preonic

OLKB Planck & Preonic

OLKB is the producer of the highly popular Planck & Preonic Ortholinear keyboards. The owner, Jack Humbert, is also the founder of QMK. These keyboards are sold on the OLKB website and frequently on

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KPrepublic CSTC40

KPrepublic CSTC40

The KPrepublic CSTC40 a 40% ortholinear layout similar to the Planck keyboard. It has a hot-swap pcb, rgb lighting, and more. A great budget Planck alternative. Configurable through VIA software.

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Design your own keycaps with FKcaps

Use our link to get a special 10% off affordable customizable keycaps at FKcaps. They offer cherry, DSA, MDA, choc-style caps, and much more. Choose from different layouts to fit your needs, pick custom fonts, and more with their awesome customizer.

YMDK Keycaps

YDMK offers budget friendly keycap sets!

Matcha KeycapsZDAView Now
DSA 48 KeycapsDSAView Now
58 Mixed Colors KeycapsDSAView More

Drop Keycaps

Drop offers keyboards, keycaps, and audio peripherals on Amazon and group buys on their websites.

Drop on AmazonDrop Website
Planck Acute KeycapsOEMAmazon
Preonic Acute KeycapsOEMAmazon
Black-on-White Keycap SetMT3Amazon
White-on-Black Keycap SetMT3Amazon
Dasher Keycap SetMT3Amazon
MiTo Canvas Keycap SetXDAAmazon
Matt3o /dev/tty Keycap SetMT3Amazon
Matt3o Susuwatari Custom Keycap SetMT3Amazon
Camillo Keycap SetMT3Amazon
Jukebox Keycap SetMT3Amazon
MiTO Cyber Keycap SetMT3Amazon
DROP MT3 Skiidata Keycap SetMT3Amazon

Pimp My Keyboard Keycaps

Pimp My Keyboard has a lot of options to choose from, though on some you might need to buy alphas and the ortho modifiers seperately. The sets in the table below are just a handful of the sets they offer.

Click the website button here to view a full list of sets that offer an ortho option on Pimp My Keyboard:

Pimp My Keyboard Website
DSA Blank Space 1uDSAView Now
SA-P Snow Cap KeysetSAView Now
SA Ice Cap KeysetSAView Now
DSA Beyond SetDSAView Now
DSA Quartz KeysetDSAView Now
DSA Ferrous KeysetDSAView Now
DCS PBT Blank KeysetDCSView Now


KBDfans offers a plethora of keyboards and accessories including the ortholinear keyboard the NIU40.

KBDfans Website
R2 DA Profile 40V2DAView Now
R2 Enjoypbt Grayscale KeycapsCherryView now


Kono offers many of original keyboards, keycaps, and much more. They offer a handful of ortho kits. Some of these sets you may need to buy the alpha kit and the ortho modifers together.

Kono Website
SA GraniteSASA Granite Ortho KeycapsView Now
SA MagicaSASA Magica Ortho KeycapsView Now
SA EspressoSASA Espresso Ortho KeycapsView Now

Amazon Keycaps

Assortment of ortholinear keycaps on Amazon, many of which are from YMDK

YMDK XDA Blank PBT KeycapsXDAAmazon
YMDK DSA Blank PBT KeycapsDSAAmazon
YMDK 75 Keys DSA PBT KeycapsDSAAmazon
YMDK Carbon Laser-Etched Top Print OEM KeycapOEMAmazon
NPKC Dye-Sub Top Print PBT KeycapDSAAmazon
N\C 1u Blank KeycapsDSAAmazon
Tokey DSA FC Gaming KeycapsDSAAmazon

Split Keycaps

Keycap sets specifically for split ergonomic keyboards with an ortholinear layout

Max Keyboard x Ergodox PBT (Multiple Color Options)DSAAmazon
YMDK Thick PBT Top Print ErgodoxCherryAmazon
YMDK Keycaps Matcha Dye-SubZDAAmazon
Kenesis Advantage2 Blank Keycap SetOEMAmazon


Here you will find a collection of sites that provide some options for ortholinear keyboards like modifiers, 1u blanks and more.

MBK GlowChoc (low-profile)MBK GlowView Now
GMK N9 Ortholinear Add-on KitCherryGMK N9 Ortholinear Add-On KitView Now
Ergodox EZ Glow KeycapsOEMErgodox EZ Glow KeycapsView Now
KPRepublicMost DSA Kits offer 1u key options,
Might need to add blanks to fill in modifiers
View Now

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