Complete Your Setup with Custom Keyboard Coiled Cables from Cablemod

Cablemod's Custom Cables are Perfect for PC Gamers and Enthusiasts: Get the Ultimate Gaming Setup with ModCables

What are Custom Coiled Keyboard Cables?

Custom coiled keyboard cables are usually made of braided nylon and come in a variety of colors. They can be used to replace the default cables that come with the gaming keyboards and provide a unique look. This also makes them perfect for professional gamers who want to show off their gaming rig with extra flair. A coiled cable is a type of cable that is twisted into loops so that it takes up less space than a standard wire or cable. There are also much more benefits to using a custom coiled cable rather than aesthetics.

There are many benefits to using coiled cables, such as they can be hidden out of sight, they have fewer tangles and they are easier to coil up when not in use. A long-lasting cable (LOL) is a type of cable that has been designed to last as long as a standard wire or cable.

The cable has extra insulation, making it less likely to get damaged. They also have a nylon outer layer and are sheathed in PVC to make them more durable than standard cables. Features of the long-lasting cables include anodized aluminum housing, interchangeable connectors and sheathing, a round outer shell, and ultra-low gauge wire.

Customizing Every Part of Your Keyboard Cable

There are a couple companies doing completely custom cables, but Cablemod is one of our favorites. Cablemod is one of the leading brands in the industry because they offer a modular system, which means that the user can create their own unique cable with different lengths, parts, and colors. This is a great feature for gamers who want to personalize their gaming setups and also have an easier time managing their cables. They offer a number of pre-built cables with different features or you can use their custom configurator to create your own unique cable to match your keyboard on your desk.

Each cable by Cablemod is hand-crafted and each personally inspected by a skilled cable maker. Unlike some other competitors, Cablemod uses high-quality connectors and no visible heatshrinks, giving it a professional look. Each connector is also coated in a powder coat finish for protection and color matching. They also offer a plethora of different colors for each part that you can customize to match your aesthetic as well. Shipping is also fast for their hand-made keyboard cables normally that ship within 3-5 business days. That includes their custom ones too!

Cablemod features

  • Dual Sleeving with ModFlex and ModMesh for extra protection
  • ProCoil with formulated wire jacket to preserve shape
  • Hand-crafted construction
  • Powder coated connectors with no visible heatshrinks
  • Wide range of colors for sleeving and connectors
  • Pre-built options and custom configured options
  • Fast Delivery: 3-5 Business Days

Ditch your basic and flimsy cables and get a custom one to match the keyboard you worked so hard to setup.

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