Drop Announces Keycap Club with Monthly Discounts

What is Drop Keyclub?

Drop recently announced the Drop Keycap Club (DKC) with a paid annual program with monthly coupons and discounts on keycap purchases. Drop has been a staple in the keyboard community with a variety of limited time mechanical keyboards, keycaps, accessories and more. In addition, they have regularly stocked items that are available including a couple keycap sets.

What's in the membership?

Per their keyclub webpage, the DKC is an annual membership program that is $69 a year. It says that the program will offer monthly discounts between $20 to $100 for members to use on any keycap purchase. It also mentions that these discounts can be used on any eligble orders over $100. It is important to note that exact amount per month is only a range and no specifics are included on when you get the discounts or how much you get in that yearlong period.

Here some additional perks included with the membership:

  • Members will be automatically enrolled in a monthly draw on rare and unique artisan novelty keycaps
  • Exclusive access to product launches
  • Drop Keycap Community badge on their profile avatar
  • Opportunity to become early-reviewers for unreleased keycap sets and other products on Drop

How much will you save?

The Drop Keycap club seems to be a pretty good deal if you buy keycaps pretty often. With the $70 monthy fee, if you get an average of $60 (between $20 to $100) a month, they you'll be saving almost $650 total a year.

The caveat is the discount could be different each month and you'll have to spend that on a $100+ keycap set every month for the whole year to take advantage of the savings.

If you buy a ~$100 keycap set every month for a year for $1200 plus the $70 original fee with a savings an average of $650, you'll roughly spend $620 a year plus the extra benefits outlined above. That's roughly 52% off!

It seems like a good deal if you actually want 12 keycap sets a month. Remember, however, that the details on these coupons aren't completely clear yet. In any case, for hardcore enthusiasts, it seems like something to look into.

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