DROP + OLKB Planck V7 Now Available for Pre-Order

Pre-order the newest version of the DROP + OLKB Planck V7 compact keyboard. Iterating on one of the most popular ortholinear keyboards, there are new additions like a new POM plate option and more encoder slots! Read on to learn about what has stayed the same and what has changed.

Not surprisingly the OLKB Planck is one of our favorite ortholinear keyboards out there. The V6 has been relatively out of a stock for a while and it looks like we now know why! Iterating on the design, Drop has posted the new OLKB Planck V7 Keyboard on their site for preorder. Here are the crucial details:

  • Same 40% layout with optional 2u spacebar or two 1u keys
  • The same ARM STM32 processor
  • Updated PCBA with north-facing and south-facing switch positions
  • "Sturdier" USB port
  • Eight new encoder slots (four on the left and four on the right)
  • Steel Plate and New POM Plate option in both white and black colorways
  • Four CNC alumnium case colors: black, green, red and polycarbonate
  • Shipping date is May 2023

There's nothing crazy about any of the new features but it's a welcome update to a solid board. We're personally excited about the POM plates and the extra encoder slots. You can really build an awesome macropad with the extra encoder slots if you wanted to and we're excited to see the crazy stuff people come up with.

Pre-order it now for $99 (MSRP $129) on the Drop site now!