Smooth and Precise: Discover the Gateron Black Ink V2 Mechanical Keyboard Switches

Gateron Black Ink V2 mechanical keyboard switches have gained quite a reputation in the mechanical keyboard community for their smooth feel. These switches are designed to provide a high-quality typing experience with a focus on precision, speed, and comfort.

Overview of Gateron Black Ink V2 Switches:

The Gateron Black Ink V2 switches are a linear switch type that features a black stem and smoky housing. They have a 60g actuation force and a total travel distance of 4mm, making them ideal for fast typing and gaming.

gateron black ink v2

One of the most notable features of these switches is their smooth and consistent actuation. The Gateron Black Ink V2 switches really shine when they are hand lubed and provides a buttery-smooth feel when typing or gaming. Lubing the switches also helps to reduce noise and friction, making the switches feel more comfortable and satisfying to use.


  • Linear Switch
  • Actuation force: 60g
  • Bottom out force: 70g
  • Total travel: 4mm

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Conclusion: Gateron Black Ink V2

Overall, the Gateron Black Ink V2 mechanical keyboard switches are a high-quality option for anyone looking for a smooth typing experience. These switches offer a great balance of speed, precision, and comfort, making them ideal for both gaming and typing. The switches are also durable and built to last, making them a smart investment for anyone in need of a reliable mechanical keyboard switch.

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Video Review for Gateron Black Ink V2

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