The Best Screw-In Keyboard Stabilizer: Durock V2

What Advantages do the Durock V2 Stabilizers Have Over Other Screw-ins?

No one likes a rattly space bar, and often the stock stabilizers that keep it from doing so just aren't cutting it. Keyboard stabilizers that screw directly into the PCB are considered the best ones since they are super secure and tend to vibrate less due to this fact. Once you try screw-in stabilizers, you'll realize they're the best option for your mechanical keyboard. The Durock V2 stabs are rightfully regarded as one of the best to install onto your keyboard.

The Durock V2 come pre-clipped out of the box and also are redesigned with new mold to prevent wire drop out. The V2 stabilizers are offered in kits and single stabilizer options, this offers flexibility to those who may need different configurations than the kits. They also come in different colors: clear, black, and smokey black.

The mechanical keyboard community is obsessed with fine-tuning the sounds of their keyboards, and stabilizers (or stabs) are notorious for being difficult to get right. There are many, often very random, mods out there to prevent the dreaded rattle. One of which is called the “Holee” mod, which starts with cutting up a bandaid and sticking it in between the stabilizer and the keyboard to prevent vibrations.

With so many different mods out there, it’s pretty apparent that some stabs just aren’t getting it right out of the box. The Durock V2 stabs are the best out of the box so you should start with these and then work your way to mods only if you need them! There are definitely better stabs out there but the Durocks are always usually in-stock and probably the best for most beginners to start off with.


  • One kit includes: 4x 2u stabilizers, 1x 6.25u stabilizer & 1x 7u wire
  • Improved housing design
  • Includes washers, gold-plated wires & screws
  • PCB screw-in design, will not work in plate mounted boards

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How to Install the Durock V2 stabilizer in your mechanical keyboard

The first step to installing your Durock V2 stabs is to make sure that your keyboard supports screw-in stabilizers. The specifications for your keyboard PCB will tell you which types of stabs are supported. Many support multiple types and some only support one specific type. See the video above for better visuals on how to install.

Lubing and The "Holee" Mod

Lubricating your stabs is the first mod you should do if you are interested in improving the sound and reducing the rattle. Below is a great video from popular YouTuber Taeha Types with all the tips and tricks you need. The "Holee" mod is the next one that you should do and is also covered in the video below.

The Overall Verdict and Recommendations

If you plan on getting into the hobby of mechanical keyboards, Durock V2 stabs are a must-have when customizing your keyboard. There are plenty of other stabs out there but these are relatively widely available and thoroughly tested by the community.

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Use coupon code tryorthokeys for 5% off your purchase