Top 5 Best Tactile Switches for your Mechanical Keyboard

Tactile Switches and What They Do

If you've been in the mechanical keyboard world for any length of time, you've probably come across different kinds of mechanical switches. A tactile switch is one that uses a "tactile" bump feel to indicate when the key has been pressed. The bump also tells you that the key has been pressed and released, as opposed to a clicky switch which will only have an audible sound. The other type of switch is a linear switch, which has no bump and has a smooth keystroke throughout the press.

The most common entry-level tactile switch is the Cherry MX Brown. These are a solid way to get introduced to this style of switch, but there are plenty more with different weights and feels. Well, we’ve scoured the internet and read tons of reviews to find the top 5 best tactile switches on the market today taking into account popularity, price, feel, and availability.

Tactile Switch Showdown - The 5 Best Switches for Your Mechanical Keyboard

Glorius Panda

Glorious Pandas are based off the design of highly-regarded Holy Pandas but at a budget price from Glorious PC Gaming Race. These switches have a snappy feel with a quick bump at the top and for the price, give you a great switch compared to the more expensive Holy Pandas. You can also purchase these switches unlubed or lubed.


  • 67g Spring
  • Lubed or Unlubed
  • 3-pin plate mount
  • 36 switches per pack
  • White housing with SMD RGB light hole

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Cherry MX Clear

If you're a beginner enthusiast and don't want to spend too much money or stray too far away from your Cherry MX Browns, the MX Clears are your next solid best bet. These are much heavier than MX Browns, and if you're looking to improve your touch typing and reduce bottoming out, these might be what you're looking for.


  • 65 cN actuation force
  • Black switch body
  • 2mm pre-travel 4mm total-travel
  • 10 switches per pack

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Halo Clears and Trues

Both of these switches are from the DROP brand and are great starter tactile switches. Each has a medium to heavy switch feel and a relatively heavy spring to discourage bottoming out. These switches are in the mid-range price on this list and are recommended for those who want to step up their tactile game but don't want to completely break the bank. These have a slightly bigger bump than the MX Browns/Clears but are not as tactile as the others on the list. If we were to choose one over the other, we like the Halo Clears a tad bit more than the Trues. The bottoming out force of the Trues can be a bit much.


  • 60g Actuation
  • 1.9mm actuation point and 4mm total travel
  • 100g bottom out


  • 65g Actuation
  • 1.9mm actuation point and 4mm total travel
  • 78g bottom out

Halo Clear

Halo True

Holy Pandas

The "Holy Grail" of tactile switches, these are the most popular and well-known switches on the list. They are easily the most expensive on the list but can be well worth the price. Though there have been more competitors in recent years, these are still a reliable go-to for many tactile switch enthusiasts. They provide a smooth tactile feel different from many other switches.


  • Made with Invyr housing and Halo stems
  • Plate mount
  • 67g spring

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Zealios are another fan favorite from Zeal PC, along with Holy Pandas. They offer a plethora of different weighted switches, unlike the other options on the list, so you can really tweak how you want your keyboard to feel. These have a noticeable tactile bump and are slightly more tactile than the holy pandas. If you're looking for something more tactile, these might be your best bet.

  • 62g, 65g and 78g weight options
  • Translucent housing
  • PCB Mount

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The latest version of the Planck keyboard supports hot swappable switches, LEDs, a small speaker and even rotary encoders. There are several offerings for baseplates: EOTW (easy on the wallet), hi-pro and low-pro. These keyboards usually come in as a kit with some light assembly required.

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The Preonic keyboard is the Planck's big brother with an extra row of keys for those really missing the number row or want more keys to customize. The newest version of the Preonic is almost identical the Planck in terms of features.

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