Why You Should Switch from Cherry Red Linear Switches to Something More Premium: NovelKey Cream

Why You Should Care About Swapping Out Your Cherry Red Switches

If you're still using the same old Cherry Red switches on your keyboard, it's time to swap them out. These switches are outdated and they don't provide the same feedback as some of the newer switches. There are actually way more switches out there that provide a better experience than the stock red switches in your current gaming keyboard.

Depending on your keyboard, you may actually be able to swap them out without having to buy a new one. Hot-swappable keyboards provide the ability to swap switches quickly without having to desolder them directly form the board. It’s a simple as using a switch pulling tool to remove the switches and pressing in the new switch.

How do you know if your keyboard has hot-swappable switches

As of recently, it's becoming more and more common for keyboards to have hot-swappable switches.If you're unsure if your keyboard has hot-swappable switches, check the spec sheet or contact the manufacturer. If you want your keyboard to feel better, you can easily swap out the key switches to suit your needs. This will significantly enhance your typing experience and make it more pleasant. You can also customise the weight or sound of a keyboard with hot-swappable switches. If you look up the specifications of your keyboard, you can see if it has hot-swappable key switches.

If you find that you don't have a keyboard with hot-swappable switches, you won't be able to easily change your stock switches on your keyboard to new ones. It can be advantageous to invest in a hot-swappable keyboard if you feel like you might want to try out different switches in the future. Here are three hot-swappable keyboards that work great and will last you a long time.

GMMK Gaming Keyboards

The GMMK Hot-swappable Gaming Keyboards is a mechanical keyboard that is designed to be the best on the market. They are able to switch out different keycaps and layouts, as well as being able to swap out switches in keyboard. This allows gamers to have a more customized experience that caters to their playstyle.

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Keychron K8

Keychron K8 keyboard is a good deal. It features an ultra-slim and low profile design, two zones of RGB backlighting with 16 million colors, and multiple layouts for various typing needs. And, best of all, the Keychron K8 keyboard has hot swapping which means you can replace the mechanical switches without removing the keycaps.

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Preonic Ortholinear Keyboard

Otholinear keyboards are a little different from standard ones. Their keys are arranged in a grid fashion, as opposed to the standard staggered order. The advantage of this keyboard is that it makes it really easy to create shortcuts and macros. The Preonic keyboard allows for hot-swappable switches.

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Why you should upgrade to the Novel Key Cream Linear Switch

Known for its great low-bass sound, the Novelkey Cream switches are made of a self-lubricating POM for a unique typing experience. They're a bit scratchy stock but are still way better than your regular Cherry red switches on most keyboards. Many people that upgrade their stock keyboards, especially twitch streamers and gamers, tend to gravitate towards these. For example, streamer Tfue had commissioned a keyboard with Novelkey creams.


  • 55g Actuation (70g bottom out)
  • 4mm Travel
  • Made of POM
  • Made of self lubricating POM

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