New MT2 Profile Keycaps Announced by Drop

New Profile - MT2 Profile Keycaps

Drop just announced a new profile keycap that they're working on called MT2. Details are still sparse on their site with no technical specs available as of yet but mention that updates will be coming out soon. According to their most recent blog post, they are weeks away from shipping the first production MT2 keycaps.

At the moment, there are three sets available to request for group buy. Just like their MT3 counterparts, there are black-on white and white-on-black MT2 sets available. The third set is a MT2 Genesis Keycap set which is the most colorful of them all using primary colors as accents.

Below are a couple goals from their recent blog post that they outlined below:

We kicked the project off in early 2020 with some ambitious goals:

  • Create a cylindrical profile keycap to widen our keycap offerings
  • Meet or exceed the industry-leading legend tolerances of MT3 keycaps
  • Make premium weighted keycaps to ensure durability, longevity, and desirable acoustics
  • Provide a finished product that is free from exterior blemishes and imperfections
  • Apply meticulous design to every single keycap
  • Accommodate proprietary blends of high-quality resins
  • Be able to produce the keycaps efficiently at scale
  • Offer Mac system compatibility

Their MT3 profile keycaps have been super popular in the community. Based off the original IBM keyboards from the 1970s, they provide a slanted design and scooped countoured tops for each keycap. Sharing the same MT prefix, we can assume that they would have the similar profile and the 2 denoting a lower-profile style.

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